Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pregnancy Update

OK, I'm terrible lately at posting anything. I have felt so busy these past couple months. Who knew being pregnant was so much work?! Things have been going great though. I am now 29 weeks along and starting into week 30! Being in the 30's as far as weeks go makes me so happy. Like i can almost see the end! I know i still have about 11 weeks to go, but it feels great to have 29 weeks under my belt. I guess as far as updates go, the biggest one is that the week after Christmas we found out we're having a BOY! It was funny because for the longest time, neither Kevin or I had the slightest clue what it might be. But about 2 weeks before the ultrasound, we both just started feeling (without saying anything to each other) like it was going to be a boy. Sure enough! There was no mistaking it, he gave us a good view ha ha. So we weren't really surprised. Since then, things have just been moving slowly along. I always worry that I'm not gaining enough weight (which i don't know why because i definitely have been putting on weight, even if it is all belly). However, at my appointments, the doctor says I'm measuring perfectly, so i guess i should stop worrying. I don't think it's possible to be completely worry free while pregnant though!

So baby boy, as i have called him since we found out, is a pretty active little guy. His favorite time of day to party is when i am at work, during the kid's nap time. I don't know if it's because i finally get to sit down and rest, or because of the classical music or what, but he starts dancing around like crazy in there everyday during nap without fail. Another time he ALWAYS kicks or moves is anytime Kevin feels my belly. He just seems to know it's his daddy, and he always says hi! Kevin loves it so much! I can't wait to see Kevin as a dad. That's one of the things i'm most excited for, to see Kevin taking care of and interacting with our baby. He is going to be so awesome and i feel so lucky to have him :) It's fun and completely crazy to feel baby boy wiggling around though. I love it! It makes me sooo impatient for him to be born so i can finally meet him and hold him. I can't wait to see what he looks like and how he changes. It will be so fun to see his personality develop as he gets older. I'm SO excited!

I'm a little nervous because my back has started to give me grief... I woke up last week and it was so bad i couldn't go to work. I went and saw a physical therapist at Jeannine's office. She specializes in women's issues and is great with pregnant women. She said something must have thrown me out, but she popped my back a couple of times really good and i have felt great after that! She said to come back anytime i need to and she can fix me up, no charge. That's definitely really nice of her, and I'm very thankful for the offer! Other than that, i have been feeling great! Definitely really tired after working all day, but I kinda just love being pregnant overall :) Although, i am eagerly awaiting the finished product! Kevin and I signed up for a birthing class, a newborn care class, and a breast feeding class. Those should be good and help me feel a little more prepared, i hope! I decided to post some pictures Kevin has taken of me all along. We have this one spot in our room that's become the designated "picture spot" ha ha. So you can take a look at my expanding belly...

5 1/2 weeks. obviously, no noticeable change yet, mostly just a reference point of where i started.

12 weeks.
14 weeks.
17 1/2 weeks.
Christmas morning, 19 weeks.
19 1/2 weeks.
23 weeks.
28 weeks.
Baby boy's profile. I love his little head and belly!
A shot looking up between his legs...he's a boy!
His two little feet :)