Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Oh Ryder!

We were watching the Mormon Tabernacle sing on TV a Sunday morning while we ate breakfast. They were singing a fast paced song. Ryder said, "Whoa, they are singing fast so that they can go to nursery!"

Ryder: I wipe off Grandma and Grandpa kisses.
Me: Why?
Ryder: Because I don't want them to kiss me so I wipe them off.
Me: What about my kisses? Do you wipe them off?
Ryder: No, because they are flowers!

Ryder was playing with his cars on his train table, and he came running over to me with his eyes wide and said really excitedly, "Mommy, the cars screeched to a stop with all their mights!"

We were watching Bambi and at the end there is a scene where some dogs are chasing/attacking Bambi. Ryder was watching and then said, "Those dogs are so handsome and mean!"

Ryder brought his toy bus over to me pretending it was a cake. "Here Mommy. Here is your birthday cake." He then started licking it and said, "I'm licking the frosting off so you can eat the cake"

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Easton's Birth Slideshow

Right after I had Ryder, I saw a slide show of someone's pictures that they had taken at the hospital during the birth of their baby. I LOVED the idea and decided I wanted to do it for our next baby. Birth story photographer is typically very expensive, but I found a woman who charged so little, it was a great deal! I LOVE how the pictures turned out. I think it's so amazing to have these images and it was so nice to not worry about taking pictures at the hospital. I put together this slideshow so if you want to watch it, the password is "easton" (Don't worry, there aren't any "graphic" pictures!)

Easton Samuel Briggs from amybame on Vimeo.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

One month!

I can't believe our little Easton is already a month old! He is so sweet and adorable! We just can't get enough of him. Especially Ryder! Ryder loves to kiss Easton's head all over and get right up close to his face and talk to him. He loves Easton so much! It's so sweet. I heard Ryder telling Easton that he loved him with all his heart. I also heard Ryder say, "You are my best friend Easton!" He is such a great big brother! Whenever Easton makes any little noise, Ryder instantly starts asking, "what's wrong with my baby?" He get's really jealous when other people want to hold and touch Easton. He'll say, "Don't touch my baby!" He doesn't mind when people look though, he is very proud and likes to show Easton off haha. I can tell Ryder is really excited for when Easton can actually interact and play with him. He's excited for a buddy to play cars and trains with. I'm sure that will last until he actually has to share his toys, then it won't seem as fun!
     We are slowly getting back into a routine. I was having a really hard time the first week or two. I told Kevin that it's a good thing Easton wasn't a girl, because we'd be done having kids! Things have definitely gotten better, I just tend to have a really hard time with changes. Ryder was and still is a little bit starving for attention. I try as hard as I can to give him the attention he's craving, but sometimes i just can't. I started doing a sticker chart for him. He gets to puts a sticker on anytime he does something nice or does what I ask him to do. When he fills out a row on the chart, he gets a treat. When he fills out the entire chart, he gets to go do something fun with mom or dad. The first time he got to go on a fun "date" with me. We went to Scheels and rode the ferris wheel.Then we got treats at the Sweet Tooth Fairy bakery. I think he had fun having some one on one time with me. The next week he got to go with Kevin and ride the train and merry go round at the mall. He seems to have calmed down as far as demanding attention. However, he still is 2 going on 3 and they only behave so much, so we are still dealing with normal age misbehaving. I'm starting to wonder if 3 is going to be worse than 2... He seems so defiant lately! I guess we'll see, he turns 3 next month!