Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Kevin's New Suit

My brother, Colby, and his fiance, Rashell, are getting married on January 11th. They want all the brothers to be in black suits. All the brothers are getting new suits and so we went and had Kevin measured at the store and they didn't have anything in his size. The smallest they even had was a few sizes too big. That is the problem Kevin always runs into with suits or dress shirts... He's kind of a small guy so the only suits he has sort of hang on him, haha. So we didn't know what to do. We were looking at suits online to try and find a, hopefully cheap, suit in his size. I came across a website called studiosuits.com. They do custom made suits, shirts, jackets, vests, etc. They do dress suits for women too! For a full suit it was 99 dollars and 50 dollars more to have it made out of wool. We were very skeptical, to say the least, but searched and found good reviews on the site. So we went ahead and ordered a gray suit, a black suit, and a dress shirt. We had to take about 15 different measurements and you could pick all the different detail/style options. It said it would take 2-3 weeks to make the suit. We have been waiting patiently, and it came today! It was shipped from India, so i guess that is where they are made. Kevin tried it on, and it looks great! It fits him perfectly and the quality is very nice. The dress shirt is the same! They only sent one suit, the gray one, so we could make sure it fit how he wanted it, then if every looks good, they make the other one. So we are excited to get the black suit when it's done! We are very pleased with this company and will definitely order from them again!

The suit tag

the suit, full length view

another full length view

The inside of the suit jacket and the dress shirt

Ryder and Kevin

Ryder being bored while Kevin tried on the suit

Ryder like his dad's new suit!

I had to post a couple other pictures of Ryder just because i think they are so cute!

The other night Ryder fell asleep on my shoulder while we were watching a movie

A cute bath time face

I Am Now a Quarter of a Century Old

Yesterday was my 25th birthday. 25 seems pretty crazy because I'm now halfway through my twenties. I still can't believe sometimes that I'm married and have a little baby. Life moves so fast! On Sunday we had a birthday dinner for me. My parents and Colby and Rashell came. Also Kevin's grandparents, aunt and uncle, and brother, Brett, came. It felt so good eating outside in the backyard and just hanging out with everyone. Instead of cake this year, i wanted cupcakes. So Kevin and I made a TON and had fun decorating them. We still have a LOT leftover, so i might just have to eat a few ;) Yesterday was a really fun day. Kevin had to work but he woke me up before he left singing happy birthday to me. Then after he left, Ryder and I had a lazy morning spent cuddling mostly :) He was being so cute and was making the sweetest little coos for me. Then my mom called and invited me to lunch and shopping in Orem. So i hurried and got Ryder and myself ready and we drove down there. We met up with Colby's fiance, Rashell, at Jason's Deli. I had never been there, but it was really good. Then we went to the mall to do some shopping. It has literally been FOREVER since i have been shopping in an actual mall. Probably since the beginning of my pregnancy with Ryder. I didn't even know where to start! I ended up buying some really cute things and I'm glad Rashell and my mom were there to help :) I'm so proud of Ryder; he has been starting to stretch his feedings out a little more lately. Yesterday he went three hours between feedings and allowed me to shop uninterrupted! He's such a good little baby. When i was on my way back to Sandy, I called Kevin and asked if he could maybe get a cold glass of water for me when i got closer to home because it was so HOT and i was so thirsty. When i pulled into the driveway, there he was waiting for me with a nice big glass of ice water with two straws. One of the straws had a birthday candle sticking out of the top, hahaha. He's such a thoughtful guy :) We put Ryder down for a nap and I opened a present from Kevin. It was an adorable picture frame that i had wanted for Ryder's room. Then when Ryder woke up we went and got In and Out for dinner. It was soooo yummy. We usually never eat fast food because first of all we are too poor, haha, second because Kevin is more of a healthy eater than me and doesn't like it that often... So that was a real treat ;) It was a great birthday and thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

I want to go shopping for Ryder!

My birthday is coming up, but all I can seem to look for is Ryder! This jacket is so cute! Good thing we dont have money or i'd blow it all on cute baby clothes... ;)

Our Anniverary and Other Summer Fun

This summer is seriously flying by! I cannot believe it's already August!! Today is a special day for me and Kevin; it's our 3rd anniversary! In some ways it feels like we have been married so much longer than three years because we have had so much fun and so many adventures :) I will always look back with amazement at how Kevin and I came to know each other (If you don't know the story, Kevin was my brother, Colby's, trainer on his mission in Texas and I wrote him a letter, he wrote back... wrote for 9 months, Kevin came home and we were married 6 months later!) I love that we have a record of 9 months of letters to each other, getting to know each other and falling in love (although we definitely let on in our letters!) I truly married the most incredible man i can imagine! He treats me like a queen and takes such good care of me. Seeing him as a father has only made me fall SO much more in love with him! I'm so lucky to be able to spend eternity with my best friend :) Three years down, FOREVER more to go!

Life is moving right along. Ryder is 12 weeks old this week. I love that kid :D He is just so fun to be a mom to. When we are hanging out during the day, he loves to practice "talking" to me. His little voice is so cute and is showing up more and more in his fun noises. He had his 2 month check up last month and he weighed in at 10 lbs 7 oz and 23 in long. He is in about the 60th percentile for length but only about the 30th for weight haha. He's just long and skinny. She said he looks perfect though. He got his shots at that visit and i was SO nervous for him! He cried really hard while they gave him the shots and then once i picked him up and cuddled him he was fine. He's my little champ!

He is alert most of the day now, and is getting on a pretty good schedule with naps and sleeping at night. He has started to sleep through the night more and more lately. YAY!! It's so nice to wake up and realize it's morning not 3 am. I think I'm slowly starting to catch up on the lack of sleep since he was born.

We went on a date this weekend for our anniversary. It was the first time i had left Ryder at home and gone more than a block away. When we walked out the door i had a huge lump in my throat and was on the verge of bursting into tears! Once we made it to the restaurant i was doing better and it was fun to just spend some time with Kevin and not have to worry if Ryder was going to start fussing. I was ready to see him by the time we were done. We hurried home and he was fine of course, just playing with Grandma and Grandpa Briggs. I'm going to have to slowly get used to leaving him i suppose, i just hate leaving my little bud. Also to complicate things, he refuses to take a bottle or binkie! We have been trying all kinds of different bottles and nipples and anything we can think of with no success. However, just recently he has started to at least let us put the bottle in his mouth without screaming... we are making progress!
Yesterday we went down to Orem for dinner and to hang out with my family. We played "the perfect pitch" which is a fun bean bag toss game (sounds lame, actually really fun!) We also played a bit of bocce ball. It felt great outside and it was fun to just relax with the fam. My brother, Colby, is engaged to a girl named Rashell. They make such a cute couple and I'm so excited for them. They are getting married in January because they wanted to wait for Logan to be there. I can't wait, it'll be so much fun!
Ryder loves his bath time so much. I took a few pictures of his bath last night. He just sprawls out and relaxes, it so cute! He's a funny little baby :)