Sunday, August 25, 2013

California Dreaming

Kevin had an internship at Lawrence Livermore National Lab in Livermore, CA this summer. Working at a national lab doing research is pretty much his ideal job, so this was really exciting. We packed up our stuff and moved out to CA at the end of May. Our apartment was right next to downtown Livermore which was so fun. We loved going for walks around downtown in the evenings. We were so close to fun things like outdoor concerts that the city put on twice a week, and the farmer's market that we went to almost every Thursday evening. There was a fun fountain downtown that we went to all the time. Ryder loved to play in the water! Livermore had so many awesome parks! Every weekend we would take a picnic to a park and just relax. We definitely didn't hit every park while we were there. We were about 40 minutes away from San Francisco and it was fun to go there a few times. We also went to the Muir Woods Forest a couple times and it was so beautiful! We ended up loving our time in Livermore and it was hard to leave. We were very excited to come home and see our families though :)
Ryder playing at a splash pad on one of the parks a short drive away.

Playing with some homemade "flubber"

Enjoying one of the many parks
My smiley Eastieboo!
Hanging out at the farmers market. They would usually have live music and everyone would bring blankets and chairs to sit down, listen to music, and eat yummy food from the market. So much fun!

A huge box of strawberries at the farmers market was only 6 dollars! Some of the strawberries were the size of small apples. Very yummy!