Monday, May 21, 2012

Ryder's 2nd Birthday

Ryder turned two this year! I can't believe have a two year old! He's definitely exhibited plenty of terrible two's behavior though, so maybe I should believe it! We had a race car party for him. It was fun. He has gotten to the point where he understands what opening presents is all about. He got a lot of fun things! His main gift from Kevin and I was a big truck. He was pretty excited about it. He had actually been sick all night long the night before, throwing up :( He continued to throw up right up until a couple hours before his party. He did great for his party and was able to have fun! However, he resumed throwing up after everyone started leaving. Poor bud! He is the craziest, funniest, sweeetest two year old I could ever ask for! I can't imagine my life without him :)
 Ryder's gifts



 poor sick birthday boy

 opening presents

 trying out the new truck


 my sad attempt at a race car cake... I was really in a hurry to finish it

 Uncle Brett pushing Ryder around


Friday, May 18, 2012

San Diego

In the beginning of May, we went on a weeklong trip to San Diego with my whole side of the family. My parents rented a beach house in Carlsbad and we all stayed there. It was our first plane ride with Ryder. I made sure to have plenty of snacks and activities for him. I wrapped a couple new toys so he could open them on the plane. He did great! It also helped to have borrowed my mom's Ipad. That kept him pretty entertained.
We had a lot of fun in San Diego! We were able to do ao many things because my parent's bought everyone Go San Diego passes which include admission to a lot of places. Some of the things we did while we were there... San Diego Zoo, San Diego Safari Park, Sea World, swimming at the beach, the Miniature Railroad Museum (Rydser LOVED), Automobile Museum, the Air and Space Museum, and the Children's Museum. Ryder did pretty well without having naps and pretty much no schedule the entire week. He definitely had his moments where he lost it, but that's to be expected! One morning, a bunch of us went to the San Diego temple really early. It has always been my favorite temple, and this was my first time getting to go. It is SO beautiful!
We also had family pictures taken while we were all down there together. They turned out great and I need to get copies so I can post them. I am so thankful to my parents for providing the oppurtunity to spend time together with the whole family down in San Diego. Kevin, Ryder, and I had such a fun time and made a lot of great memories!
 Payton and Ryder checking out the pool in the back

 the water was COLD

 Ryder's shorts were a little too big

 goldfish first thing in the morning :)

 Playing at the beach

 playing with Payton

 these two are so cute

 Not too thrilled about touching the dolphins

 the Shamu show!

 So tired

 the Shark encounter

 The ladies at the San Diego Temple

 Kevin and I

 Silly boy at the San Diego Zoo

 Ryder LOVED the model railroad museum

 the model railroad museum

relaxing at the San Diego Safari Park

 Hello Mr Giraffe

 the Children's Museum

 The Children's Museum