Thursday, February 20, 2014

Sick Boy

A few days before Valentines Day, Easton got sick with a stomach bug. Poor little guy was throwing up a lot and had diarrhea. We were doing our best to give him fluids but he was having a hard time keeping anything down. We were down to trying a teaspoon every 5 minutes, and he couldnt even
keep that down. I just felt like we needed to take him to the hospital. We went to Primary Children's and they started him on IV fluids. They wanted to keep an eye on him just to make sure he was doing OK before they sent us home. We ended up spending the night there. Kevin went home to be with Ryder and I stayed at the hospital. I didnt have a change of clothes. It really sucked because Easton  ended up having two blowouts and it definitely got on my pants, both times! The next morning he seemed to be doing so much better, but his face was so swollen from being hooked up to the IV fluids all night. His eyes are usually SO big, but because of the swelling, they looked much smaller than usual. As we were leaving the hospital, Ryder looked over at Easton and said, "Why are they leaving his face like that?!" It was pretty funny. We are happy to have our normal, healthy Easton back!