Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Nursery

Over the last couple months, Kevin and I have been really busy with a lot of things, with one of those things being baby boy's nursery. We have been really lucky to be able to use one of Kevin's brother's old rooms to turn into a nursery. After we move out, it will be used as a play room for all future grand kids so we tried to keep that in mind as well as add our own taste to it. I am so pleased and excited with how it has turned out so far! I really just love being in there and imagining holding our baby :) I really wanted to get the room done as soon as we could so i wouldn't be stressing about it in the last month. We are pretty much finished, we have just a few things to add, like a glider rocking chair we just ordered. eventually i will put cute things on the walls and hang up the valance that came with the crib bedding. For now though, it seems like I have a million other more important things to get ready before baby boy comes!

This shows you a little bit what the room started like.

We were covering up to protect ourselves from fumes


painting done with the chair rail put up
a cute lamp from ikea

a little bookshelf that was already in the room, now with baby boy's things on it

some decorations

a dresser i was so happy to find at a great price from down east home.

Kevin's mom found the cute bed spread for the bed that was already in there.

the crib bedding pattern

the crib

So that's what we have so far. It's fun every time we get new things to go in there and arrange it. I had my first baby shower this past Saturday at my Grandma Nelson's house. I have the best family! It was so fun and I got such cute stuff! I'm getting really excited to meet baby boy and also just to be done being pregnant. Pregnancy is really starting to catch up with me and my body is definitely hating it. It's really been hard for me at work because the kids can be so stressful and there is a lot of running around and up and down all day. Working at a daycare is not the best job to be pregnant with... oh well! I gave myself one week off before my due date, so hopefully he doesn't come before then so i have at least some time to relax!