Thursday, March 24, 2011

Crawling, Better Late Than Never!

On Tuesday, Ryder started to really crawl for the first time.  He's been trying for a while.  I can already tell we are in big trouble around here!  Now that he knows he can potentially go anywhere he wants (even if it is very slow) he is determined to go everywhere and get into everything.  We haven't babyproofed anything yet, but we will definitely have to soon!
Also in this video, at one point Ryder points to the TV.  He LOVES pointing at things now.  He'll point at everything he sees.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Teeth!

This week has been a hard one. 

After a whole lot of this:
(Ryder has been chomping on his crib like crazy!)

And not much of this at all:
(he has been waking up at night A LOT)

It all paid off and Ryder cut two more teeth this week! YAY! Two more down, only fifteen to go over the next year and a half... that's more depressing than encouraging, haha.
He got both his upper central incisors two days apart.  You can't really see them yet, but you can definitely feel them.  He will look so much older when they start to show more!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


After thinking about it for a while and some encouragement from Kevin, I have decided to make our blog private.  You just never know who could read it and there are a lot of crazy people out there who could easily look us up, find out where we live, who knows.  I would definitely rather be safe than sorry, especially since most of my posts are about my sweet Ryder.  If you would like to keep reading, please send me your email address in a comment or send me an email at  thanks!

*Also, if you recieve my posts through emails already, that means i have your email address and you dont need to send it to me

Monday, March 14, 2011

March So Far

      I haven't posted in a couple weeks because things have been a little crazy.  Ryder came down with a cold a couple weeks ago and it was a nasty one.  He kept coughing and coughing so hard that he wouldn't be able to catch his breath.  He would go red in the face and start to gag.  One time he threw up all over from coughing so much.  We ended up taking him to the doctor that night just to make sure it wasn't something more serious.  It turned out to be just a cold.  Poor little guy.  He got over it after about two or three days.  I caught the bug from him and it actually got worse and it was by far the worst cold I had ever had.  It turns out I had a sinus infection. I was absolutely miserable.  I think the only time I have been more miserable was after I got my tonsils out.  My dad prescribed some antibiotics for me and even after the first day, I felt so much better!  Thanks Dad ;)
      After that, both the laptops that Kevin and I use got some sort of virus on them and couldn't be used at all.  It was very frustrating and thank goodness Kevin's parents went and bought Norton antivirus 360 and that took care of all the problems.  Thanks Chad and Jeannine!
      Last Monday, I decided to go down to Orem to hang out with my mom.  Later in the afternoon, it started snowing and it started getting heavier and heavier.  So I decided Ryder and I should probably head home.  The snow had just started sticking on the freeway and it was not too bad as long as you drove slowly. Once we got to Sandy however, the snow was already half a foot deep!  We have a pretty steep hill to drive up to get to our neighborhood, and lots of cars were struggling to make it up, a few even stopping halfway up and sliding back down.  We made it up just fine (what would I do without all wheel drive?)  Kevin did not have as good of luck coming home from school.  He was in our other car that only has 2 wheel drive and by the time he left school, the snow was about a foot deep on the freeway! He slid off the road probably about six times on the drive.  The last time he ended up getting stuck really bad.  He tried to get the car out, but he couldn't, and the tires were absolutely bald from all the other times trying to get out of the snow.  He didn't even have coat with him because earlier it had been so nice outside.  Also, his cell phone happened to be dead.  Lucky for him, he was able to use a cell phone from someone whose car also slid off the road near him.  It was a mess.  His mom drove out there to go get him and I stayed home to get Ryder to bed.  They ended up calling a tow truck to get his car out; that's how bad it was stuck!  My poor cold, hungry husband finally got home about 4 hours after he left school.  I so thankful he made it home safe!
This past weekend, Kevin's parent's gave us some money to go out to eat.  It was so nice of them!  Kevin and I never really get out anymore since neither of us is working.  Since the tires on our one car are comepletely bald, we only have one driveable car at the moment.  It's hard for me being stuck at home in the cold, snowy weather with nowehere to go and trying to entertain Ryder.  He gets so bored too.  So they could tell I needed to get out of the house.  Kevin, me, and Ryder went to Olive garden and had dinner and we even ordered dessert (we never splurge like that haha!)  It was very fun.  I'm so thankful for both our families.  Thay help us out so much and we are more grateful than we could ever express!  I dont know what we would do without both our awesome parents!  We are definitely blessed.

And of course I can't post a blog without some pictures of Ryder, so here he is:

I love this picture because his eyes are huge!

He has learned how to bite the lids off of containers.  uh oh...

I put one of my headbands on him and he thought it was funny

Awww, so pretty haha

This isn't a very good picture.  It's zoomed in and cropped but it's the best I have of his new tooth.  You can see some other top teeth are getting close (this was a couple weeks ago.  One of the top center ones is about to cut through.)  By the way, I HATE teething.  Ryder woke up about every half hour last night from the pain.  It didn't help that we had the time change yesterday and he was all thrown off!

Ryder wears a sleep sack over his pajamas to keep him warm.  It's like a wearable blanket.  In the morning when I took off the sleep sack, this is what I found.  Somehow he had pulled his leg up and through one of the legs on his pajamas!

Since his new top tooth has come in, he has ben feeling it nonstop with his tongue.  I dont even think he's feeling his tooth anymore, I think now he's just doing it without even realizing it.  It's so cute.

Trying on my glasses.  Don't mind me, this is during my sinus infection and I look horrible.