Thursday, January 2, 2014


Christmas was great this past year. It was Easton's first and Ryder was old enough to be really excited about everything. I love Christmas time with kids! Ryder was fun to talk to. He really understood more about why we celebrate Christmas and loved hearing the story of Jesus's birth. On The 23rd we had the Rino Christmas party. On Christmas Eve we went to the Nelson party at my parents' house. In the nativity, Ryder was Joseph and Leah was Mary. They were so darling! Easton was a sheep, and he was not at all happy about it!
 We kept things really simple this year as far as presents go. Santa ended up bringing Ryder a tool bench with some cool power tools! Easton got a push and play walker to help him learn to balance and walk. It was so fun on Christmas morning. We spent the morning with Kevin's family and the second half of the day with my family. We got a huge surprise from my parents. We never told them anything we wanted, so they decided to buy us a new tv! We had been using an old 150 pound block TV, so it was super exciting to finally have something newer. We were also able to get one of their old blue ray players, which we didn't have yet. They also bought us Chromecast, which lets you play movies from Netflix, hulu, etc. on the TV. It's been so nice to have these changes!