Thursday, April 12, 2012


Ryder had an awesome Easter weekend this year. He really understood the concept of and Easter Egg Hunt, and he LOVED it! I think altogether, we had or went to 4 egg hunts. One was an early morning neighborhood egg hunt, which is the only one I have pictures of. We also went to one at the BYU football stadium with my family, one at the Briggs' house, and one at my family's house. The hunts were spread out over 3 days, and so Ryder started to expect an egg hunt everyday. After Easter weekend I think he was going through withdrawals because he would constantly ask to find more eggs haha. It is so much fun having a little one for holidays. Kids make it so much better!  
 He started a little slow, but once he got going, he never wanted to stop!

 SO serious!

 He didn't want to stop to take a picture :)

 Checking to see how many he has in there so far

 His loot

 digging in on the way home

 sitting with Grandpa Briggs eating his candy

 dying eggs with Kevin

 Me and my bud

 Easter morning and the Easter bunny came!

 Talking about why we celebrate Easter

Off to church we go