Sunday, July 4, 2010

I Love Being a Mom!

So, taking care of a newborn is a LOT of work! Who would have thought! I have been having a blast being a busy mommy to my sweet little Ryder. He is already 6 1/2 weeks old! Time flies! He is already starting to smile, and i swear i have never seen anything so adorable in my entire life! I can't get over how much this little guy means to me! He is simply amazing! I'm so in love with my little boy! The days are nice, just focusing on taking care of Ryder. We have been able to go visit Kevin at work almost everyday for lunch, so that's been fun! The nights are a little more rough... pretty much not sleeping at all yet. He has his good nights where he'll sleep about 4 hours in a row, the most he's ever done was five hours in a row (what a good night that was!) He mostly wakes up every 2 hours though, so it can be hard... I'm definitely looking forward to when he will start to space his feedings out! Overall though, being a mom is definitely the best job I can imagine, and by far the most rewarding! I would rather being doing this than anything in the world!
Kevin a such a stud with Ryder :) he is the cutest daddy ever! He is so sweet when he takes care of Ryder. I love to watch the two together. Kevin is a tired man these days with full time job, full time school, Daddy and Husband. I don't know how he does it, but Ryder and I are soooo incredibly lucky to have him!! I love him so much!
We had some newborn pictures taken of Ryder a couple weeks ago. We had them taken by Jeni Boston. She does really awesome work! She was so patient throughout the whole process. It took about 4 hours because we would have to stop and change his diaper, nurse him, and get him back asleep. I love how the pictures turned out!!!

I'm so glad we have these, they are such a keepsake. I'm not going to try and post the pictures on here, but you can go look at them here:

Also, there are a bunch of everyday pictures of him i have posted as well. if you would like to look at those, here's the link:

Hopefully those work!

Anyways, life is good, i couldn't ask for more! I'm so blessed :)

Happy Fourth of July to everyone! Hope you have a great weekend!