Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Summer Time

Wow, I have pretty much not written at all this summer! I guess we have been too busy enjoying ourselves. We moved down to Orem to live with my parents for the summer and it has been really fun.  It's been great to see a lot more of my family.  Kevin got an internship at a company called Harman Music Group.  He works in the mechanical engineering/design department.  He gets to work on designs for new electronics.  He likes it pretty well.  It's not exactly related to what he's studying or wants to go into, but it's still pretty cool work!  It's been nice for Kevin to be working again and staying busy, but we sure miss him during the day!  He is starting back at school on the 22nd.  We have been keeping busy with a lot of different things...  going on walks, playing at the park, a LOT of swimming, going to movies, barbecuing, hiking (to three different waterfalls!), going to farmers markets, a Fourth of July water fight, Balloon Fest, tractor rides, the petting zoo, feeding the ducks, visiting the fire station, playing with cousins, birthday celebrations...  During all that Ryder learned to walk!  He finally got the confidence to take off on his own. I love watching him walk, it's so cute!  He's getting better and faster all the time!  It has already made things pretty interesting around here.  It has been a really fun summer and I'm not quite ready for it to end.  We have our anniversary next week and my birthday in two weeks.  We decided to do an end of summer/anniversary/birthday mini trip to Park City next weekend.  It will be fun!

 Here I come!

 Yay, I'm walking!!

 See ya! Off to cause some trouble :)
 Little ducky

 Ready for bath time

 Cute tush!

I LOVE this picture!  Ha ha!
This is a look of pure terror because
Payton was trying to pull him out of the car


 Fourth of July Balloon Fest

 Playing with cousins

Feeding the ducks

Fourth of July water fight

 Visiting Uncle Tyler's fire station and getting to see the awesome fire truck! 

Having fun