Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer 2012

     We have had a great summer! It started out on a bit of a low note however with the passing of Kevin's grandpa Doug in the beginning of June. He had a stroke in April and never really recovered from it. I had personally only gotten to see him a couple times back in 2007, so I felt bad I never knew him better because it sounds like he was a great man. The funeral was held down in Beaver, UT and we spent the weekend down thre for it. It was a beautiful funeral and graveside service. Grandpa Doug certainly has a lot of family that love and miss him including his sweet wife, Ina, who is an incredible woman.
The Briggs family at Grandpa Doug's funeral (minus Casey)

     The next week, Kevin's brother Casey returned homr from his mission in Atlanta, Georgia. It was great to see him and for him to finally see Ryder, since he left when Ryder was only 2 weeks old. You can tell he was a great missionary, and he did a really good job in his homecoming talk in church.

Chad and Jeannine checking the arrivals

Anxious to see their son!


Tyler and Tara

Ryder waiting for Casey

Briana and Jeannine

Here comes Elder Briggs!

The first hug belongs to mom

Hugging Chad

Aunt Carol, Casey's second mom

Grandma Barbra

Casey and Ryder

Casey, Chad, Kevin, and Ryder

Dave hugging Casey

Casey hugging Tyler

Tara and Casey

Briana and Casey

Grandpa Lynn

My turn for a hug

Casey hugging Grandma Gladys

Finally getting a hug from Grandpa Sam

Some women from the ward decorated the front yard for Casey's arrival. How sweet!

The same week Casey came home, My dad's side of the family all spent the weekend at Bear Lake for my Grandpa Nelson's 80th birthday. They rented a HUGE house for the weekend and it was incredible. It had slides connecting each level of the three story house. It had a giant area on the bottom level that had a basketball court, a putting green, a trampoline, and a playground for the kids. WOW! It was so nice to saty there and it had such beautiful views of the lake. I loved the gift that my Aunt's were able to put together for my Grandpa. TYhey had each person in the family write some memories or things they love about my Grandpa and then they compiled it all into a beautiful harbound book with pictures and everything. I don't have a copy of the book yet, but it is something I definitely need to get! (I didn't even get any pictures while we were there, so I took these from my Aunt's blog, thanks Kim!)

 The incredible View/House

 My amazing Grandpa Nelson

The great grandchildren and a couple grandchildren with Grandpa Nelson

     The fourth of July was really fuin this year. We went down to my parent's house to have another big water fight. It was awesome! Everyone, with the exception of Ryder, had so much fun soaking each other. We then had a big BBQ which was really good. That night, Kevin, Ryder, and I watched fireworks set off in Sandy. This was actually he first year we've kept Ryder up to watch the fireworks and he loved them! However, before the show was over, he was saying, "ready to go home!" so we left a little early.
The three cousins all decked out in the fourth of July outfits.

After the water fight, Ryder was playing with his cars very intensely! 

 Our little family

 Getting the food ready

 Waiting for the fireworks to start

 Relaxing on mommy

 Ryder was watching a bunch of other kids playing soccer while we waited for the fireworks to start

This summer we've also gone swimming, had picnics at the park, gone to the farmer's market a few times, had BBQs with friends, celebrated birthdays, had family get togethers, and a lot of other fun. I love Summer time but by the time fall comes, I am so ready for the cooler weather!