Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

This past week Kevin had Thanksgiving break on Thursday and Friday.  We had a lot fun having him around since that is rare around here.  He definitely didn't get as much studying done as he needed to, but Ryder and I were a little selfish and wanted to spend time with him!  Before I talk about what we did, I wanted to post some pictures of our new Christmas stockings i have been working on.  Since Ryder needed one, I decided to make all new ones for the whole family.  I'm very happy with how they have turned out so far.  I have Kevin's stocking made, I just haven't decorated it yet.  Here are Ryder's and mine.

Ryder the little musician.

Ryder loves apples but when we let him suck on one, he kept biting chunks off and I was scared he would choke.  So we put it in this handy little thing that has a handle and a mesh pocket to put food in.  He really actually liked sucking on it even if his face doesn't show it haha.

I LOVE this picture of him!  I just love his sweet little face and chunky fingers :)

Thanksgiving day we ate at my Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house.  Almost the whole extended family was there.  It was so fun.  The food was amazing!  Just thinking about it is making me crave more!  We ate at one, which is Ryder's usual nap time, so he was cranky!  He finally fell asleep in Kevin's arms and then my Grandma Nelson got to cuddle him for a while.  Then we laid him on her bed and surprisingly, he slept for a while in there.  I was surprised because Ryder is definitely not known for taking good naps, especially if he is not being held or in his swing (he's spoiled I know...)

Kevin had to take a nap too :)

Riley and Trey coloring some turkeys 

We put up our Christmas tree this week.  Ryder was already asleep when we decorated it, but in the morning we showed it to him.  He LOVES it!  I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out how to get all those ornaments into his mouth.  He was reaching and trying to grab for everything.  Good thing he can't crawl, or we'd be in trouble!

Friday the 26th was the first night of the temple square lights in Salt Lake.  We really wanted to go down and walk around, but the temperature was in the teens and the only coat we have for Ryder is still a little too big.  So we went to Kid to Kid to see what we could find for cheap since we are dirt poor.  I wanted one of those really snugly full body bunting outfits, but the only one's they had were for girls...  We thought about it and decided, he's six months old and doesn't even have a clue what he's wearing, so we went ahead and bought one for him.  It was very pale pink haha.  Soooo cozy and warm though!  It's actually really cute and I'm glad we have it because hopefully someday when we have a girl she can use it.  Someday I hope Ryder laughs at the pictures of him in his girly outfit.  A couple people even commented on how cute "she" was! 

Ryder was really ready to leave at this point, notice his classic "arching the back tantrum" pose... 

On Saturday was THE game.  My family are true blues, and Kevin's family are Utah Utes, so we definitely got the rivalry thing going on in our little family.  I can be a little too competitive sometimes though and so I tend to lose my temper when Kevin and I are "playfully joking" about the other's team.  He is so good to put up with me when I got mad over dumb things haha.  Anyways, it's been a very hot topic of who Ryder will cheer for.  Of course I would like him to be a cougar fan, but I say he can choose for himself when he's older.  Kevin's is pretty set on him being a Ute.  We couldn't decide on how to dress him on Saturday.  Either something had a little bit of blue on it or a tiny bit of red.  So a plain white onesie it was.  The game was close with both teams playing amazing defense.  BYU was leading the entire game up until the last bit of the fourth quarter and it came down to one field goal that was almost a sure bet to win the game for us.  However, it was not meant to be and Utah won.  Kevin and Chad started yelling and cheering so loud when the field goal was blocked and the Utes won.  It scared Ryder so bad!  He let out a loud scream and then burst into uncontrollable crying!  It was so sad.  He couldn't stop crying!  I know the real reason he was crying though... it was because his team lost :(  Oh well, it's only a game I guess.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Six Months Old

Today is Ryder's half birthday! Yep, he is SIX months old today! He had his six month check up on Thursday and got some shots, including the flu vaccine :( He weighed in at 15 lbs 3 oz and 26.25 inches tall.  He's come a long way from 5 lbs 6 oz and18 inches!

Loving carrots!

Sitting in his big boy high chair

Daddy tickling him

anticipating the tickle attack!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Love this, and not so much...

I do NOT love this...

blowouts that go through three layers of clothing and all over legs.

I DO love this...
The two LOVES of my life :)
It doesn't get any better than this!

Monday, November 15, 2010

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

Look who popped up to say hello...

Ryder's first two teeth!

These hard months of teething have started to pay off!  Ryder got his first tooth on November 1st.  About two weeks later, on November 13th, the second bottom tooth cut through.  He has not enjoyed the process!  Poor little bud has been waking up at night screaming sometimes because it hurts.  I hate teething because i feel so helpless to take away the pain.  He really has been such a trooper and done pretty well overall.  Let's hope he at least has a little break before the next ones come.

It's kind of hard to see them, but they are definitely there!

Ryder will be six months old this week!  I can't even believe we have had this sweet little boy with us for half a year already!  The time is slipping away so fast; too fast sometimes...  I seriously fall more and more in love with Ryder everyday.  Sometimes it's hard and he stretches me to my limits and pushes me to be a better mom.  I can't imagine life without him now.  Life before Ryder seems like a dream.  It feels like he has always been with us!  Kevin and I were talking the other day about how Ryder feels like one of his best friends and i definitely agree.  It's an overwhelming responsibility to be in charge of another human being.  To provide them with everything they need, protect them, teach them, and most of all love them!  I would not trade being a mom for anything.   I sometimes get so scared thinking about the world today and how it is going to only get worse when Ryder is older.  I just want to teach him the gospel and everything he will need to stay on the right path.  I hope i can be the kind of example he needs from a mommy.  I am so thankful to have an amazing, hardworking, smart, loving, funny, righteous priesthood holder as a husband and a father for Ryder.  I know Ryder has the perfect Dad to help him through this life.  Still, sometimes I just want to keep him my sweet little baby forever!

-Ryder has almost tripled his birth weight, yay!!  He had a hard start being so small, but he's slowly making up for it!

-He refuses to take a bottle or binkie.  He loves nursing so much, I'm hoping it wont be too hard to wean him when the time comes (we're shooting for a year) 

-His hair is finally starting to grow!  Just these past two weeks or so i have been noticing a difference.

-We introduced solids at 5 months, and his favorites so far are sweet potatoes, a strawberry/apple/banana mix. yummy!

-He LOVES standing up!  so much that he will cry if you set him down in a sitting position.  He wants to walk so bad!

-He hates when you take a toy away from him, especially when it's time to get out of the bath.  Watch out!

-He is the sweetest/silliest boy.  He is constantly giving huge smiles and giggles to mommy and daddy.

-He loves grabbing his feet/toes

-He loves grabbing ANYTHING within range of his little hands!

-He blows raspberries when he's mad, and when he cries he sounds like this, "beh-beh-beh-beh-beh!" haha, he likes the "b" sound.

-He hates taking naps!  Unless it is on Mommy's lap, then he could sleep all day haha.

-He loves to grunt himself to sleep :)

-He has conversations with himself in the car.

He is the most precious baby i could ever imagine.  I feel sooooo blessed and lucky to be his mom!  I don't know what i ever did to deserve such an amazing husband and son! 

Laughing during a diaper change

He has such a silly personality

Always chomping on something

I love his smile and I'll do anything to get one!

Monday, November 1, 2010

I'm Already Counting Down...

Guess what I was listening to a little bit this morning...

Christmas Music!!

Yes, I am one of "those" people that start listening to Christmas music as soon as November starts.  I am outnumbered in my family by people that think listening to Christmas music before Thanksgiving is stupid, but at least I have my Dad on my side ;)  I just can't help it.  I LOVE everything Christmas, especially Christmas music!  I think I could listen to it in July and it would still make me smile haha.  I love because I can listen to all the Christmas songs I want for free. YAY!  Kevin thinks I'm crazy, haha.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kevin's Birthday and The Halloween Party

Friday, October 22 was Kevin's 25th birthday.  I was thinking of doing breakfast in bed for him but he gets up so early to go to school,i didn't know if i could.  Ryder happened to wake up at 5 that morning, so i changed him, fed him, and put him back to sleep and by then it was about 5:45. So i decided to make Kevin some German pancakes.  When i brought them in to him singing happy birthday, he was really confused!  Then he noticed what i was holding and finally figured out what was going on.  He loved it!  I let him open a present from me.  The movie, "The Invention of Lying."   

He had to go to school all day, so while he was gone, i made a two layer chocolate cake from scratch.  I had never made a two layer cake before, and i didn't have cute round pans, so i just used two small rectangular ones.  It turned out really good, as far as the taste.  That evening, we went out to eat at the Olive Garden, without Ryder.  That was a huge deal for me, haha.  I was on the verge of tears the whole way to the restaurant!  It wasn't too bad though.  He had fun with Grandma and Grandpa Briggs.  I was happy to get home to my sweet baby though!  Kevin opened his gift from his parents and me.  It is called a net book.  It is pretty much just a mini lap top, more compact and light to carry around at school.  It's so cute haha!  Anyways, he was really excited about that!

After he opened his present, we sang happy birthday and had cake.  Ryder wanted some so bad! He kept grabbing for it. No chocolate allowed bud, sorry!

Ready to blow out the candles

stripping down for bath time!

On Saturday, the 23rd, Kevin and I did our annual Halloween party for our families.  It was fun!  I loved everyone's costumes!  My Dad's was my favorite!
Rashell, a penguin, and Ryder, a dragon.

My Dad, the "cereal" killer! hahaha!  I thought that was really clever!

Colby and Rashell, the cute penguins

Tyler- Jason from Friday the 13th, Chantelle- a pirate, Payton- a poodle, and Riley- a dragon. 
Tyler won "scariest costume", Chantelle won "sexiest", and Payton won "best overall".  Awesome costumes!
My mom, as a witch, and Ryder
Payton was so cute!

Uncle Colby making Ryder smile :)

The cousins, Payton, Riley, and Ryder.
Kevin's parents, Jeannine and Chad, being gross nerds? haha, i don't know, but theirs was funny!  Jeannine won "funniest costume" 
Kevin and I dressed up from the 1940's era.

Brianna and Dave as their pet pugs, Tootsie and Titan. I loved theirs.  They won "most original"

Chantelle's full costume
Cousins, Payton and Ryder, sharing a seat.  Payton was giving Ryder kisses! How cute :)
Some of the decorations

The food!

My hair, 1940's style

The back of my hair
On Sunday, the 24th, we had Kevin's family birthday dinner.  Jeannine made a couple really yummy soups, which was perfect for the weather:  chilly and super windy!
Kevin's Grandpa Sam and Grandma Gladys.  For cards that they give for birthdays and things, Sam always scans in a picture that Gladys has painted (she's very good!) and puts it on the front of the card.  How cool to have those!
Lighting the candles on the cakes.  Kevin had just told a joke, and i LOVE the look on Grandma Gladys' face!

One of Kevin's cakes

Kevin and Ryder

Ryder was wiped out by the end of the night!