Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving Break

This past week Kevin had Thanksgiving break on Thursday and Friday.  We had a lot fun having him around since that is rare around here.  He definitely didn't get as much studying done as he needed to, but Ryder and I were a little selfish and wanted to spend time with him!  Before I talk about what we did, I wanted to post some pictures of our new Christmas stockings i have been working on.  Since Ryder needed one, I decided to make all new ones for the whole family.  I'm very happy with how they have turned out so far.  I have Kevin's stocking made, I just haven't decorated it yet.  Here are Ryder's and mine.

Ryder the little musician.

Ryder loves apples but when we let him suck on one, he kept biting chunks off and I was scared he would choke.  So we put it in this handy little thing that has a handle and a mesh pocket to put food in.  He really actually liked sucking on it even if his face doesn't show it haha.

I LOVE this picture of him!  I just love his sweet little face and chunky fingers :)

Thanksgiving day we ate at my Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house.  Almost the whole extended family was there.  It was so fun.  The food was amazing!  Just thinking about it is making me crave more!  We ate at one, which is Ryder's usual nap time, so he was cranky!  He finally fell asleep in Kevin's arms and then my Grandma Nelson got to cuddle him for a while.  Then we laid him on her bed and surprisingly, he slept for a while in there.  I was surprised because Ryder is definitely not known for taking good naps, especially if he is not being held or in his swing (he's spoiled I know...)

Kevin had to take a nap too :)

Riley and Trey coloring some turkeys 

We put up our Christmas tree this week.  Ryder was already asleep when we decorated it, but in the morning we showed it to him.  He LOVES it!  I'm pretty sure he's trying to figure out how to get all those ornaments into his mouth.  He was reaching and trying to grab for everything.  Good thing he can't crawl, or we'd be in trouble!

Friday the 26th was the first night of the temple square lights in Salt Lake.  We really wanted to go down and walk around, but the temperature was in the teens and the only coat we have for Ryder is still a little too big.  So we went to Kid to Kid to see what we could find for cheap since we are dirt poor.  I wanted one of those really snugly full body bunting outfits, but the only one's they had were for girls...  We thought about it and decided, he's six months old and doesn't even have a clue what he's wearing, so we went ahead and bought one for him.  It was very pale pink haha.  Soooo cozy and warm though!  It's actually really cute and I'm glad we have it because hopefully someday when we have a girl she can use it.  Someday I hope Ryder laughs at the pictures of him in his girly outfit.  A couple people even commented on how cute "she" was! 

Ryder was really ready to leave at this point, notice his classic "arching the back tantrum" pose... 

On Saturday was THE game.  My family are true blues, and Kevin's family are Utah Utes, so we definitely got the rivalry thing going on in our little family.  I can be a little too competitive sometimes though and so I tend to lose my temper when Kevin and I are "playfully joking" about the other's team.  He is so good to put up with me when I got mad over dumb things haha.  Anyways, it's been a very hot topic of who Ryder will cheer for.  Of course I would like him to be a cougar fan, but I say he can choose for himself when he's older.  Kevin's is pretty set on him being a Ute.  We couldn't decide on how to dress him on Saturday.  Either something had a little bit of blue on it or a tiny bit of red.  So a plain white onesie it was.  The game was close with both teams playing amazing defense.  BYU was leading the entire game up until the last bit of the fourth quarter and it came down to one field goal that was almost a sure bet to win the game for us.  However, it was not meant to be and Utah won.  Kevin and Chad started yelling and cheering so loud when the field goal was blocked and the Utes won.  It scared Ryder so bad!  He let out a loud scream and then burst into uncontrollable crying!  It was so sad.  He couldn't stop crying!  I know the real reason he was crying though... it was because his team lost :(  Oh well, it's only a game I guess.


mattyanddeidre said...

Oh you guys are so cute! It's so fun having a little one during the holidays. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving and I love that "pale pink" outfit. That's great! I love keeping in touch through blogs!

Jen F said...

lol all those storys are great . I miss you !!! good to see how he is growing up. I hope you guys have a merry christmas.