Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat!

On Halloween during the day, Ryder and I went to a local bakery called The Sweet Tooth Fairy for a free cupcake (for kids). I love that place and could live there! It's very yummy!
 digging in :)

 He's not gagging in this picture, he's just trying to open wide for a big bite! I love that his fingers on his left hand are trying to help open wide ha ha

Later in the evening, we went trick or treating. It was the BEST weather to be outside. It was just cool enough that Ryder was comfortable in his fleece Yoda costume. Although we went trick or treating with him last year, I wasn't sure if he remembered what it was all about. After about the second house, it totally clicked and he was on a mission to get to as many houses as possible. As soon as he would thank the person for candy, he would turn around and say, "go to another house!" His bag started to get too heavy for him and finally he said, "let's go home." We weighed his bag at home and he ended up with 4 pounds of candy! That's a lot of candy for a 2 year old... Kevin and I will definitely have to help him out with that :)
Ready to go trick or treating

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pumpkin Carving

Tonight we carved pumpkins for Halloween. It was kind of a last minute idea, but we had fun. I hate the mess of carving pumpkins, but love the finished product. Instead of carving a pumpkin for Ryder, he just decorated two little pumpkins with some stickers just for that purpose. He loved it! He could have decorated 20 pumpkins if we had them!
 carving away

 carving his design

 Ryder carefully putting on the legs of the spider on his pumpkin

 taking a break to give a cheesy smile

 Another sticker face he made

 A cat face on one side and a spider on the other side

 Mine and Kevin's pumpkins

 All our pumpkins

All done!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Pony Ride

Today Ryder and I had a little date to Gardner Village. We went to the petting zoo and then Ryder was able to go on his first ever pony ride! he was SO excited to ride the pony! He specifically wanted to ride the smallest "baby" one (he loves "baby" things lately). While he was riding the pony, he was so serious, wouldn't crack a smile at all. He was concentrating on the ride. He also only wanted to hold on with one hand ha ha. He did a great job! Afterwards, we went to the bakery and got a doughnut for me and a pumpkin sugar cookie for him. As we were driving away, Ryder said, "That was a fun day Mommy!" What a sweet boy :)

It was such a cute little pony!


Halloween Party 2012

Tonight, Sunday, October 28, we had our annual Halloween party. I'm so glad everyone comes and humors me with costumes because I know not everyone enjoys dressing up (Ahem, Dad! ha ha). Halloween is just one of my favorite holidays, right after Christmas. We played a game this year called the candy bar game. It's pretty much a matching game where you have to match the candy bar with it's description. If you get a match, you get the candy bar! Simple and involves sugar, my kind of game :) Also, it just happened that the only night that worked to do the party was my sister in law, Rashell's, birthday. We sang to her and I hope she had fun! Thanks for letting us have it on your birthday!

(the pictures are all out of order, but it doesn't really matter)
 Casey as a crazy surgeon

 Our little family

 Jeannine and Chad "cat burglar" Very clever!

 finishing up dinner

 My dad, a snowblower (that's a snowflake hanging from his hat, haha) and Mom, a pumpkin

 Some detail of Kevin's "wounds"

 He was a zombie if you couldn't tell. I thought his costume turned out awesome!

 My costume ended up being more creepy than I intended! It was just supposed to show that baby boy was so excited for Halloween, he had to pop his arms out a little early to do some trick or treating. Not exactly cute though I guess. I thought it was funny!

 My sweet little Yoda

 Just some decorations...

 I hadn't put the cupcakes out yet

 Tyler dressed up as Tara...

 And Tara was dressed as Tyler!

 Cute Riley was Ratatouille

 Chantelle was "Fat Amy" and Payton was a cute little witch

 Logan was PeeWee Herman. He did a great job!

 Another shot of Zombie Kevin

 Colby and Rashell and Micky and Minnie

 Logan and his girlfriend, Hayley

 Brianna was cotton candy! Love it!

Dave was John Locke from the tv show, Lost. He did a great job too!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Difference of One Day

One days it's Fall...

The very next day, it's winter!

What a difference a day can make!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Kevin!

Kevin celebrated his 27th birthday this year! We mostly did Corn Belly's for his birthday. We also went out to eat at an Indian food place we had never been to before. It was really good! On Sunday the 21st, we had a family birthday dinner at his parent's house. Jeannine made some homemade lasagna which was really yummy! Ryder helped decorate the two birthday cakes. He was so proud when he was done and wanted to show everyone!
I'm so thankful for Kevin and the man he is. he is so extremely hard working and motivated to reach his goals and to be able to provide for our little family. I don't know how I ever got so lucky to have him in my life! He is my rock and keeps me grounded and sane. He is my best friend and I can't believe we have STILL not missed a single day being together since the day we met almost 6 years ago! I could never get sick of this guy! I just love him to death! Happy Birthday to my Kevie!
 Cake number one

 Cake number 2

 Ryder was so proud of his decorating job!

 Singing Happy Birthday

Kevin blowing out the candles. Sadly, I didn't get any other pictures of him :(