Saturday, September 13, 2008

Guadalajara, Mexico!

My youngest brother, Logan, received his mission call on Saturday. All my family and a bunch of his friends gathered around to hear him read where and when he will be going. He got called to serve in the Guadalajara South mission in Mexico! He goes into the MTC on December 31st, New Years Eve! It should be interesting for him. I am soooo excited for him! I'm going to miss him so much. More than he probably even realizes. Ever since he was born, he and I were little buddies. We would play everything together! He's truly one of my best friends ever. I just can't believe he is old enough to be taking this step in life. I'm the proudest sister there ever was! I love him so so much! He is an incredible guy and will be such an amazing missionary :)

He's come a long way...

One year old.

Playing in the nursery at church.

Two years old.

Three years old.

Three years old on the playground.

All of the kids.

Four years old.

Swimming with me, five years old.

Soccer player! Seven years old.

Eight years old, Baptism day!

Me and Logie at 12 years old :)

Junior picture i think.

Senior Picture.

Reading his call.

I think he was a little in shock.

He's all grown up :)

His mission is the red area.

His mission even has a temple! The Guadalajara Temple.


special k said...

Ahhhh! I loved looking at all those pictures. You guys were all so dang cute! He's going to be such a great missionary!

cassie and scott said...

wow i can not believe he is going on his mission!!! time totally flies, congrats logan!!!