Saturday, July 26, 2008

300 Warriors Trial Run

So last night Kevin and I stayed the night at his parents' house since this morning we had to wake up at 4:30. They did a trial run of the 300 Warriors ride they will be doing on the 16th. They were starting up in Park City so it was an early morning! Casey and i were the support vehicle. We had a huge cooler full of water bottles with Gatorade and food. Our job was just to make sure Kevin and Chad (and Jeannine the first 50 miles) stayed hydrated and happy. So while we got to stay in the air conditioned car, they were out doing this incredibly hard ride with the sun just beating down on them. It started in Park City, went down along Jordenelle, down into Provo Canyon, up to Sundance and over the Alpine Loop, down into American Fork Canyon, up and over Suncrest, over to Little Cottonwood Canyon, and finishing that big climb up to Snowbird. Whew, it makes me tired just to talk about it! I was blown away at how amazing of a feat it is to do this. All the climbing they have to do is staggering! I can't believe how strong they are just flying up those hills and mountains like it's nothing. I could never do that if my life depended on it! I was also way impressed with Jeannine doing the first 46 miles (out of 96) with them up some really intense, huge hills! She did sooo good! Add in the fact that she got BOTH her knees replaced just last summer and it's so awesome that she can even ride a bike at all! Kevin and chad finished the entire ride at about 2:15, so they made pretty good time. Every time we drove by them on the road we would roll down the windows and yell, scream, and cheer them on. It was way fun. They said having all that water available (which they went through most of it) and all the moral support was awesome and made a big difference. I was so so so proud of all of them!
I registered to do another 10k on August 30 up in Midway with Chantelle and my Aunt Jill. I'm excited but also nervous because this one is going to be a lot more uphill running. So it looks like i gotta train more on some hills...

Kevin eating breakfast

the Sunrise in Park City

Chad and Kevin ready to go

Jeannine on her bike

Kevin in the white jersey

Kevin stopping for water

Showing off the guns:) Just a couple more miles to go!


Kevin and Chad at the end of the ride

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special k said...

Holy Crap! That sounds intense! I can't believe that Jeannine did so much of it after all she's been through! She is some pretty awesome motivation for us all! Tell her I say hi!