Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My Favorite Kids

I love kids! I love almost everything about them. I love playing with them. I love teaching them. I love it when they laugh and giggle. Kids can be so much fun. Working at a preschool, I am around kids all day. It's so exhausting but awesome too. The best part of my job is when the kids come give me a giant hug and say, "I love you Mrs. Amy." It makes me smile so big! The kids are so forgiving and love me even when I'm having a bad day and I'm so frustrated and impatient with them.
I know we aren't really supposed to have favorites... but with these guys, i can't help it!

Alexander. He is so mischievous and full of energy. He always has something cute to say. He sings songs for me and always wants me to tickle his neck :) Even when he is mad, he can't help but smile. Once, Kevin and I saw him and his parents at a gelato place and he jumped off his his chair and ran over to me to say hi. His mom said he always talks about how I am his favorite teacher. She said he was disappointed when he found out Kevin was my husband because he has a little crush on me. Awww!

Camille. She is so darling and VERY smart! She is also very creative and is always asking me to help her make little homemade books and then have me be her audience as she reads them to me. She loves to sit on my lap and talk, talk, talk! I love how clever she is! She is so much fun to talk to.

Indigo. She is only 8 or 9, but she is very mature for her age. She loves to talk with me and follow me around. She is gorgeous! She's like a little sister to me!

Mason. He is very entertaining. He is very creative and fun to talk to. I love how he is dramatic about everything. He loves to tell and listen to stories.

Laken. She is Mason's younger sister. She a little shy at first, but very spunky with a lot of attitude once you get to know her. I love to turn on some music and watch her dance :) She always wants to sit on my lap too.

Evelyn. She is one of the most darling, caring little girls ever. She is so dang smart ! She doesn't go to my school anymore, but when she did she loved to sit and talk to me nonstop! She also loved it when i played with her hair. Her family used to be in my ward but they moved.
Michael. He is adorable and at least twice a day he gives me big hugs and tells me he loves me :) What a sweetheart!

Jesse. He is so cute and sweet. He is such a good listener whether is time to clean up or if we are doing a project. He has such a tender little heart. His mom always has him dressed so fashionable; it's so cute!
Corey. He is extremely mischievous but so dang funny. He is pretty quiet but loves to talk to me. He tells me all about his life (parents, vacations, friends, toys, movies). It's fun to talk to him.

Cameron. He is such a cute kid! He is so caring towards others and always tries to include everyone.

Quincy. One of the most rambunctious kids i have ever met! He is always into everything and I'm constantly having to say, "Don't climb on that Quincy!" or, "Quincy, put that down!" Despite all that, he is extremely sweet and loves to joke and tease with me. He is an adorable smile!

Abby. She is so smart and very silly. She is always acting like some sort of animal (which reminds me of myself when I was younger). She is constantly pretending to "lock teacher up" so i can stay with her forever.

Kaija. She is very shy at first, but absolutely sooo adorable when she opens up to you. She always tells me about how she is going to get "this biggest purple horsie!" (with her arms stretched wide open to show how big), or "this biggest purple doggie!" Haha! She is so tiny too! She is such a sweet little girl :)
So those are probably most of my favorites, but i love them all! You can learn so much being around kids. They are smarter than you think most of the time and a whole lot of fun! I'm going to miss them all so much if i end up getting a new job... but then someday Kevin and I will have our own kids to play with!

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