Monday, August 25, 2008

Birthday Dinner

Last night we had a birthday dinner for me at the Briggs' house and my family was there too. It was a lot of fun to have everyone together. I'm so lucky that my families get along so well and like spending time together. We ate dinner outside and just talked and enjoyed the perfect evening. Then we had cake and ice cream. I got to play with little Riley a ton. She is so adorable, i love her! After my family left, Kevin and Brett showed everyone their sweet tan lines. Kevin got his from biking and Brett from hiking. Thanks so much to Jeannine for the dinner and all the work she did to make it an awesome evening. I had such a fun night! Riley liked playing with the dogs

Isn't she cute?!


Eating dinner

Some of my family eating

Jeannine and my mom hanging out

The boys

The tan lines...

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