Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Kevin and I celebrated our FIRST anniversary on Sat, August 9th. Kevin had a gift certificate for Best Western so we decided to go up to Park City for the weekend. On Saturday we went to the Park City Mountain Resort to buy tickets for a zip line ride they have there. After we got our tickets we got in the huge line for the ski lift and about halfway through the line, it started raining. They told everyone that the zip line was closed and to come back later. So we waited around for a little bit and i noticed there was a guy doing characitures. So Kevin and I had one done and it turned out way funny! It was still raining so we just went and had lunch. Then we did some birthday shopping for me at the outlet mall. For dinner we went to a nice Italian place called Ghidottis. It was REALLY good! Then we went drove up near the top of the Olympic park and watched the sunset. It was still drizzling a little so there was a rainbow and it was beautiful looking out over the whole valley! I happened to have a CD of some songs that we had playing at a our reception, so we popped that in and listened to it. On Sunday, before we drove home we went and rode the zip line ride. It was so fun!! You are sitting in a little seat pouch thing and you just fly down the mountain really fast! I loved it. We ate some of our wedding cake that we had saved. It actually was yummy still! It's really crazy to think we have already been married for a year... It doesn't seem that long at all! I'm so lucky to have Kevin in my life. He is the best thing to ever happen to me and the most incredible husband i could ever ask for. I'm so excited for the many anniversaries yet to come :)


cassie and scott said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!! wow, a year came really fast!!! congrats and trust me it just gets better.

special k said...

So cute! I love the picture! Happy Anniversary! Time really does fly!
Good to see you guys last night! :)

The Enoch Family said...

Hello long lost woman. I swear you've fallen off the planet. I found you on Brooke's blog. Congrats on the wedding anniversary. Hopefully it's been smooth sailing. I always thought the first year was the hardest. You guys are so cute. Give me a call if you are down this way sometime it'd be good to get together. I have a new number 801-437-6573.
- Nichole