Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

I seriously love this time of year! Everything about it makes me so happy! I have our apartment all decked out with Christmas decorations and our little tree is so cute. I have been listening to Christmas music nonstop and it kills me to listen to anything non-Christmasy so poor kevin is stuck with FM100 all the time... We just finished all our Christmas shopping today and it's a relief to be done! We're finally getting some snow around here too, so it actually is starting to feel like the holiday season!
Work is going well. I am working full time now and i love the kids in my class. they are so adorable! They are so dang excited for Santa they can hardly stand it. It's so fun to do Christmas crafts with them and talk about what they want for Christmas.
Kevin finished finals up last week and both of us are so happy! He has definitley needed the break and i'm just so happy to get to see him after work now :) He doesn'y go back until Jan 12th, so it's a nice long break.
Last night was the annual Grandma's Cookie Bake at my Grandma and Grandpa Nelson's house. It's such a fun tradition that i look forward to every year. All the grandkids (and a lot of the aunts and uncles) get together and decorate sugar cookies that my grandma makes. It's so fun. It's a ton of work though so i'm glad she works hard every year to do this tradition.
Me and Kevin have been struggling lately with knowing what to do as far as moving to a new apartment or buying a condo/house. Rent just keeps getting higher and higher and it's sooo frustrating throwing our hard earned money away each month. We could probably afford to buy a condo, but then we would have to put off having a baby for a while so i could keep working full time. We have looked at other apartments too, and ours is still one of the best prices for two bedrooms... So we could just stay where we are and barely put anything into our savings, but we have felt like we need to do something else. So we are going to move in with Kevin's parent's around this coming spring. This way we will be able to save a ton of money each month and hopefully by the time Kevin has his associates, he can get a job with an engineering company and maybe get paid a little better when he transfers to the U. It will also allow him to switch to working part time and then take more credits than he is now. Also, i will eventually be able to go part time to have a baby, so i definitely love that. Anyways, we are excited to actually start moving forward with all our plans. We will have a seperate kitchen and a lot of the basement to ourselves at the Briggs' house, so it won't be too bad.
So that's what is new with us. Hope everyone has been having a great holiday season so far!


special k said...

I'm totally with you on non-stop Christmas music! I LOVE it!
It was so fun to catch up with you guys at Grandmas the other night! Cookies, frosting, sprinkles and loved ones is always a good combination! :)
Keep us posted on your move and if you need any help. xoxo

The Enoch Family said...

Good luck with your plans. It's always so hard to know what to do. Hopefully you can try for a little one soon. It'd be nice to have some company in the pregnancy department.