Saturday, March 28, 2009

Spring Changes

So it's been a while and things have changed! Kevin and I just moved into the basement at his parents house. It will be nice to save a lot of money in rent and we are glad that they are willing and happy to let us move in! We are pretty much unpacked and settled now. We painted our room light blue on three walls and one wall brown. I think our room turned out so cute! I love it!
One of my favorite parts of our room: the "man lamp" haha!
My brother Logan is doing well in Mexico. I miss him way bad but I'm so proud of him. He is one of my best friends and i seriously hope two years flies by so i can see him again soon!
Colby and me at his birthday dinner, he smashed the chocolate mousse in my face. haha

Chantelle told us this past week that they are expecting baby #2!! I'm sooo excited! I love being an aunt! I love little Riles so much and so i can't wait for another niece or nephew to play with! Of course i think i will like having one of my own more... whenever the time comes :)
Showing us her "gangsta" look haha!

I am getting my tonsils out this coming Friday, April 3. They are so swollen that they literally block my throat; there is no space between them back there! I'm definitely ready to get them out of there, they gross me out SO BAD. I'm not so nervous for the actual surgery (it takes like 20-30 mins), i am, however, VERY nervous for the recovery afterwards... I have heard it is HORRIBLE. My boss even said she would take childbirth over it! So... yeah, I'm not looking forward to that. The doctor told me to take about two weeks off of work to be safe, especially since i work with kids and sickness and infection is ALWAYS around. So hopefully i will recover nicely and not be in too much pain.
Kevin and I are going on a little trip to Washington DC in May. I was born out there and have visited several times, but Kevin has never been. I think it's one of those places you HAVE to visit at least once, so I'm pretty excited to have him see all the historical sites.
In August we are going with my whole family to visit Colby/Kevin's mission in Texas. We will be in Texas for about a week and then fly up to Nauvoo. I have never been to Nauvoo and so i am excited to see the church sites and go to the temple there.
So the summer will be pretty fun, if we can just get through this horrible (so far) Spring! I was right behind an accident the other day going to work and i had to swerve to miss a big truck coming right at me. There ended up being three cars involved and they were all pretty beat up. I was really shaken up because if i had been the car in front of me, i would have been hit. Anyways, so i couldn't move forward because of the accident in front of me and i couldn't back out because the firetruck and ambulance were blocking me in, so i just waited for about half an hour and filled out a witness report. It's scary to think that you could just be driving along and someone can come out of nowhere and hit you! This just reconfirmed that I hate driving in the snow!!! I'm glad that i wasn't hurt, or anyone else.

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cassie said...

that accident is scary looking!!! i HATE the snow!!! oh and you are a cute little decorator