Saturday, March 28, 2009

Valentines Day

I have to post about Valentines day this year, even though it's almost APRIL, haha. I had no idea if Kevin had plans or anything but i was excited anyways. The night before, when i was getting into bed i saw a paper on my pillow.
On the back it said, "Rise-n-shine, Valentine!!! We're starting the day off right, with a massage for you (@9:00 am sharp. Don't be late!)" I was so excited! I love massages (who doesn't?!) so i was impressed he had booked one for me :) I went and got the massage at 9 and it was so nice! When i got back, this was waiting on the door.
On the card it said, "Welcome home Sunshine! Breakfast awaits inside!" He had made me German pancakes, my absolute favorite! He had decorated the table with little hearts and it was so cute, not to mention the breakfast was way good! Then, under my plate was another card!
On the back of that one it said, "Get your skates out, we're goin to the ice rink!" I hadn't gone ice skating in so long and i was way excited! We went and had sooo much fun. I crashed big time once and really banged up my hip, but i couldn't stop laughing!

Me trying to show how fast i could go,

this is seconds before i crashed. haha
On the way to go ice skating, in the car, Kevin asked me to get something out of the glove box. So i opened it, and there was another card! I kept laughing every time i found another card because i couldn't believe how sweet and creative Kevin had been! On this one was a picture of an old couple having dinner and on the back it said, " A quiet dinner at home for two!" So when we got home from ice skating he made homemade chedder broccoli soup in bread bowls and we had apple-pomegranate sparkling cider. He also bought me a dozen red-orange roses, which are my favorite. The whole dinner was so awesome! Kevin is such a romantic!! :)

On my chair was another card! This one said, "Night on the town- movie starts at 7:00" He wouldn't tell me what movie until we got there, but we saw "He's Just Not That Into You" I loved it :)

I just have to say, this was by far the best Valentines Day i have ever had! He is so incredibly sweet and treats me so much better than i deserve! I feel so lucky to have a guy like him for my eternal sweetheart :)

Kevin wearing the shirt i got him for V-Day.

Me with my class at school for our Valentines party :)

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C*K*J said...

Ahhh! That is so sweet! I love how thoughtful he is! You have a keeper for sure!

(and I love that you're back to blogging...I've missed your updates)