Thursday, April 16, 2009

I love my Riles!!

So this past Monday, my mom, Chantelle, and Riley came up to go shopping with me since i have been stuck inside recuperating from my surgery. It was really fun and i loved hanging out with everyone. I just have to say that i have the cutest niece EVER. Riley is so funny. We would be walking along through the store and she would pick up a pair of shoes or something and say, "oh cuuuute!" Haha! She was having fun shopping with the "big girls." I love her little attitude and everything about her! She is just adorable! Outside of the store was a couple of water fountains and Riley was amazed at them. We tried to get her to go play with them and at first she was a little apprehensive. Finally i just picked her up and walked her over to the fountain. She LOVED it! She had so much fun splashing and getting me soaked... I'm so lucky to have such an awesome family and a CUTE niece!

A little unsure, she didn't want to get wet...
You could tell she wanted to touch the water.

About to touch it...

She finally plays with the water!

Once she was playing with it, every time i tried to put her down she'd ask me, "more time?" So I'd give her one more turn and then she would ask the same thing, "more time?" ha ha

She loved making big streams with the water
She paused to say, "cheeeeeeeeese" to grandma

My mom emailed these to me. I guess Riley had just barely woken up and had a bad case of bed head! ha ha

Nice hair Riles!

Kisses from Mommy

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