Sunday, April 26, 2009


Kevin and I got called to be sunbeam (3-year olds) teachers at church. I swear I'm never going to do anything in life except teach 3 year olds. Just kidding, I really love that age group a TON! I teach the three year old class at work and I was teaching the three year olds in my old ward. I guess it's just meant to be :) Anyways, it was our first week teaching today, and the kids are so cute! There was only two kids (one boy, one girl) there, but they were adorable! Kevin hasn't been around the kids at church since he was one so it will be really different for him, but after today, I can tell he is really going to love it.
This past Friday, Kevin and I had the chance to go to the new Draper Temple and I loved it! I havn't been feeling well and so I wasn't sure about going, but I'm so glad I did! It is such a beautiful place. I'm so thankful for temples and the sacred opportunity we have to go to the Lord's house and learn of him and feel his love and such incredible peace. I had a really great experience and I'm so excited to go back. I might get to go this week with my parents and Logan's friend (my adopted brother pretty much) Wei.
Kevin is finishing up the spring semester this week and he has a ton of work to finish up so he's a little stressed. Thankfully he only has one final to take! It will be nice for two weeks while he doesn't have classes and we can just spend some time together :) I really can't complain though, he is such an incredibly hard worker and does SO well in his classes. He is brilliant! He is the type that I know wont ever slack off and will always work hard to provide for his family, so I feel really lucky for that.
I'm also really looking forward to our Washington DC trip we have coming up in a couple of weeks. It's going to be nice to get away for a little bit. It will especially be nice to hopefully have some warm weather since it can't seem to make it's mind up here in Utah, going from the high 70's to snowing within a matter of days...


Bree said...

I'm so glad you've started updating your blog! Its fun to read what you guys are up to!

macandmegan said...

Amy! It's been awhile! I'm so glad you found me I love keeping in touch with old friends, looks like you guys are doing so well :) Leave me your email when you get a chance either on my blog or facebook page because we're going private. By the way...I saw your dad this morning at my eye appt!