Sunday, October 11, 2009

New Niece!

So she finally came! Tyler and Chantelle had baby girl number 2 tonight at around 7:30 ish. She's 7lbs 2oz. Chantelle went to the hospital this morning at 7 to be induced. Throughout the day, things were moving along slowly. When I talked to Chantelle at around 5:30, she sounded frustrated because she wasn't making much progress at that point... However, things must have started picking up speed after that. The next we heard was a text from tyler at around 8 saying that thebaby girl had arrived kicking and screaming! We were already down at my parent's house so we all rushed over the hospital. They have an annoying rule during flu season that no children under 14 can go in the hospital, so Riley had to wait in the parking lot with my mom :( We went up and got to see Chantelle and the baby, 2 visitors at a time. Chantelle looked great and the baby was just beautiful! She was calm and just happy. She kept sticking her little tongue out, it was so cute! It was so fun to hold her and think what a miracle babies are! I'm definitely sooo excited to be an aunt to another adorable girl! No name as of yet, we'll have to see what they pick...
Grandma with little cross eyed baby girl, haha


she's so cute :)

Chantelle with the baby
Uncle Kevin holding the baby

Aunt Amy holding her

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cassie said...

oh she is beautiful! congrats to everyone!