Saturday, February 5, 2011

Roseola and Birds

Starting this past Wednesday, Ryder was running a fever. It wasn't going away and only seemed to be getting higher. Finally on Friday morning it got up to 102.4 and I called the doctor. They said to bring him in. So we went in and from all the questions they asked and the exam they did, they couldn't find any reason for his fever. Very frustrating. She said it's most likely one of two things, either Roseola or a Urinary Tract Infection. Roseola typically starts with a high fever for 3 to 4 days then the fever diasppears. After the fever disappears, a rash sets in and usually lasts a day or two. It doesn't itch and it's not painful. Doesn't sound bad at all! But we wouldn't know if it was that until the fever went away (if it did at all) and a rash appeared. On the other hand, to find out if he had a UTI, they need a sterile urine sample and since Ryder can't exactly pee in a cup, they would need to put a catheter in... Not exactly thrilled to hear that. So, we decided to wait and hope he would get a roseloa rash in the next day or so (never thought i would be wishing for my baby to get a rash!) This morning his temperature was gone but still no rash. I checked throughout the day, and still no rash. Finally i noticed some bumps on his back, and sure enough, he has roseola! He probably had the rash all day, i just didn't even think to check his back. So we are super glad we dont have to take him back in for a catheter-urine test! He's been such a sweet boy even while he had a high temperature! I hate when he's sick, i just want to make it better instantly! It's hard to be patient in those situations.

It's hard to see in the pictures, but there's the rash on his back.  It also goes up around the back of his ears and a little bit on his lower belly.

A while back, i bought some tickets to the Tracy Aviary online through Groupon.  They expire this week so we decided to go use them today.  I had never been, and i wish we could have gone during the spring or summer, because it was definitely not impressive right now.  It was still fun though.  A lot of the birds were kind of curled up and hiding because of the cold weather but we did get to see some of the bigger ones like the bald eagle, condors, vultures, parrots, swans, and peacocks.  There were tons of peacocks just roaming around freely.  Ryder loved watching them.  At one point, I was holding Ryder and we were watching a peacock as it was walking past, all of a sudden it started squawking really loud!  We were startled and Ryder wasn't sure if he wanted to cry or not, but he didn't :)

Look at how close the peacock was!  Also, look at how cute Ryder and Kevin are with their matching pants ;)


This was after the peacock squawked at us!

I don't know what we were looking at, but from the look on our faces it must has been amazing


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cassie said...

as weird as this sounds i am glad he got the rash! i would hate to put my baby through having to have a catheter put in. oh not fun! fevers are the worst, they always scare me! glad he is doing better!