Monday, February 20, 2012

Big Big Mess

 Ryder loves milk. He also loves nutter butter cookies and snacks on them all the time. He is also a very early riser, so a lot of times when he wakes up, I will bring him in to our room.  I will lay on the couch and try and snooze a little bit while he plays. Well one morning, he really had fun making a mess with his milk and some nutter butters. When I saw what he had done I said he had made a "big big mess."  He then kept repeating that while pointing at the mess. The next day, he got into a drawer in the kitchen that i did not realize he could reach yet.  He pulled out a box of toothpicks and emptied all 1500 of them on the kitchen floor. While we were picking them up, he kept saying, "No No. Big big mess!" He actually says "big big mess" all the time now, even when it's just a small mess.

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