Friday, October 21, 2011

Cute little Bum

Ryder got quite the stomach bug this week, and he was pretty miserable!  One night we were up all night because he was had diarrhea every half hour or so.  It was so sad and I was crying right along with him because I hate feeling so helpless.  There wasn't anything I could do to stop it.  All I could do was rock him and tell him I love him (and change his diaper a million times...)  I caught whatever he had but I didn't get it nearly as bad.  Just a little nausea.  He is doing much better and I'm so thankful!  Toward the end of the week, he was getting better, but his poor little rear end was pretty sore from the week, so I let him run around without his diaper on to "air him out".  He thought it was pretty awesome!  At one point he climbed up on the piano bench and started playing on the piano.  It was too cute not to take some pictures! 

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