Friday, March 16, 2012

What We've Been Up To Lately

 I love hanging out with Ryder during the day, he is my little buddy. I can't believe he is is going to be 22 months old in a few days. He still just feels like my little baby.  Ryder is growing, talking, running, climbing, getting into everything, and playing hard!  He is still really obsessed with cars, trucks, tractors, etc.  He has to carry about 5 little toy cars everywhere we go, even if it's just to the bathroom.  He always has to have his toys tag along.

This shows a typical game of cars on the bed

 This kid loves to dance!  I love these pictures of him dancing with his sunglasses on :)

Just playing more cars on the bed

 Ryder trying on his new swimsuit

One morning, the first things he asked for was to put his new sandals on over his socks and for some nutterbutter cookies (or peanut cookies as he calls them).  What a funny boy.


C*K*J said...

So cute! I love the sandals with his socks and jammies, he's adorable.

The Belliston's said...

I LOVE the first picture of him dancing. Haha that is so funny!