Sunday, October 3, 2010

Girls Night Out

Last night was a girls night out since the guys were at the priesthood session of general conference. Me and Ryder met up with my Mom, Chantelle, and the girls down in Provo. We went to Red Robin and ate outside. It felt so great. It was fun to just relax and hang out. We missed having Rashell with us, but she had to work :(

Riley and Ryder

Me, Payton, Chantelle, Mom, and Riley

Mom and the grandkids

Ryder with Aunt Chantelle

Me and my bud
After priesthood meeting was over, we came home and Ryder was in such a good mood! Kevin and i were having so much fun playing with him. He seriously is the best little baby. He is so sweet and fun. I can't imagine any thing better than this!
Ryder and Kevin

Kisses for mommy

Laughing on my lap


Smiling at Kevin

I'm so in love with this smile!
I feel so lucky to be Ryder's mommy. Everyday i fall for him more and more. I think back to before we had him, and i get an kind of homesick feeling. Although i didn't quite feel it at the time, it's like something was missing. I'm sure i will feel that after having our other kids too.
Ryder is such a loving baby and constantly wants to be held. I definitely don't mind, i mean, you don't have to twist my arm to hold this sweet little guy! Sometimes it's hard to get anything done all day since he gets so sad and cries when i have to put him down very long. Some days, if i can even get dressed, it's a productive day haha. However, i don't want to miss a single moment of him growing up, it's already going by too fast! He's getting so big and changing all the time, and sometimes i get so excited for all the fun things to come i can hardly wait, but i also just want to enjoy him as much as i can right now. Someday, i doubt i will look back and think, "boy i wish i would have done more laundry/dishes/vacuuming when Ryder was a baby..." I do know i will miss the quiet times snuggling and playing together though. So for now, if things are a little messy, oh well :)


cassie said...

you are seriously such a stinkin cute mommy! ryder is one lucky boy to have you!!! your little family is adorable. i so wish we lived close so we could hang out more! that ryder is too dang cute!!!

Amy said...

I know, i'm always wishing we could hang out! I can't believe i still have never even met your little Riley!